10 Romantic Places in Singapore

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Singapore is made of 63 islands which exude romance and beauty. The verdant green scenery and golden beaches promise a romantic getaway unlike any other. Once a sleepy village today Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and attracts couples from all around the world. More than half of Singapore consists of modern skyscrapers and urban settlements and is the face of the ultramodern city. Other than these, Singapore also boasts of parks, zoos, temples, gardens and waterfalls.

So there is a great variety of romantic spots to take your loved one. Ten most romantic among these are as follows:

Anderson Bridge
Set up in 1910 to replace the crowded Cavenagh Bridge, the Anderson Bridge has become a popular hotspot for lovers.  On ‘Chap Goh Mei’ or the Chinese Valentine’s Day, single men and women indulge in the tradition of throwing apples and oranges into the water, all in search of an ideal partner. Nowadays people attach their mobile numbers and e-mail addresses to the fruits. It is especially romantic to walk over this 100 year old bridge above the Singapore River in the moonlight. Share a meal bought from a street hawker. Throw some rose petals into the water which holds the promise of your attaining eternal love.

The Singapore Flyer
Hug each other atop the giant Ferris wheel which is the Singapore flyer. The Singapore Flyer Observation wheel is the tallest in the world, standing more than 540 feet above the ground. Take a ride at night to view the cityscape all lit up. From the dotted lights of boats in the Marina Bay to the glittering Singapore River, you can catch a panoramic view of Singapore.

Cable Car
At over 70 m above sea level, you can enjoy a grand meal with your loved one. This is via the cable car ride from Mount Faber to the sunny island of Sentosa. Dinner menus may be slightly expensive but worth it, for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary. Highly talented chefs dish out vegetarian as well as non vegetarian fare according to your choice. Sky dining can be booked for the time period of 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm, Monday to Sunday. You need to book one day in advance.

Mount Faber Park
One of the oldest parks in Singapore, this park offers a scenic view of the Singapore skyline and harbor. It houses a mural wall showcasing local history. You can also have a romantic view of fireworks from new building called as the Jewel box, located in Faber park. This building resembles a musical jewel box and boasts of restaurants and bars. The summit of Mount Faber is reachable by road but there are also many footpaths leading up to the hill.  Sit on one of the benches and enjoy the view of the sea and Sentosa Island.

Yeuh Hai Ching temple
For a spiritually valuable excursion, head to this Temple of Love. This oldest of Taoist temples is dedicated to love and happiness. Join local people in tying red strings together for your own personal happiness. Red strings symbolize those who have not been lucky in love as yet. In olden times sea – faring sailors would pray here for their safety and their loved ones.

Arts House
This showcase the works of the contemporary artists of Singapore. It usually hosts artistic performances and events. It also houses three trendy restaurants. The 1827 Thai restaurants serve delicious Thai fare from sumptuous meals to sweet desserts. For a casual meal, lunch at café Earshots which offers light meals and snacks and arts house performances. But for a warm and intimate gathering, get together at Viet Lang which offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Weddings hosted at the Arts house turn out to be wild and noisy with the availability of Tango, Salsa and modern Jazz. Acoustic piano recitals or chamber music are available for the really romantic.

Fort Canning Hill
The history of the place goes back to the 14th century during the reign of the Malay kingdom of Temasek. It is also known to the Malays as the forbidden Hill and is a relic from the Malay kingdom of yore. The fort has recreational gardens suffused with the sweet perfume of lemon grass, cloves and ‘Tongkat Ali’ plants. A Christian cemetery of olden days located here is a favorite haunt for lovers.

Glass top boats along Singapore River
Cruise down the Singapore River, in the White glass top boats. You can glide along the river absorbing many sights and sounds like beautiful classic buildings (reminding one of Singapore’s colonial legacy), modern skyscrapers and d other scenery. Especially memorable is the front facing view of the Singapore Merlin spewing water. You can also enjoy a cozy dinner for two aboard the boat.

MacRitchie Reservoir
This reservoir is the first of Singapore’s reservoirs built in the 1860’s. In those times cultivation of pepper, timber and rubber was undertaken by Chinese planters. The forest around the reservoir was protected as a water catchment reserve. Now remnants of plantations and rubber trees can be found in this region. Enjoy a walk on the wooden bridges and sidewalks skirting the reservoir. The HSBC treetop walk ranges from 3 km to 11 km of about 4 to 5 hours of walking. You can explore fresh water flora and fauna and exotic plants like the Pitcher plant and the Ant plant. After a long 5 km walk in the forest, you will reach the highlight of the hiking routes in MacRitchie. This is a 250 meter suspension bridge which connects 2 tall points called as Bukit Pierce and Bukit Kalang.  A walk along the bridge offers a  spectacular view of the greenery, birds and animals.

Marina Bay Promenade
This is a 3.5 km waterfront promenade which connects Marina centre, Collyer Quay, and the Bayfront areas. You can stroll along the mistwalk, view the dancing water jets and enjoy a panoramic sight of the bay from any point of the promenade. Located in the bay is the Esplanade, opened since 5 July 2005. It is Singapore’s most exciting performance centre. Esplanade houses a 1600 seat concert hall, a 2000 seat theatre, studios, outdoor theatre, and also fine dining services. The Marina Bay is at the heart of the exciting nightlife of Singapore city.

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