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For many couples, fantasy role-playing is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom, and fantasy lingerie can add realism to the play. If your bedroom routine has become, well, routine, then consider whether fantasy lingerie is right for you. Role-playing can run the gamut from mild to wild.

You may be uncomfortable broaching the subject with your partner, however. Here a few tips for bringing fantasy role-playing into a more conservative relationship.

Start a dialogue
When the two of you are relaxed and away from the bedroom, casually broach the subject of fantasies. Find out what sorts of things interest him. Be willing to share your own fantasies as well, but keep them tame and low-key to start out. Suggest acting out one of the more mild suggestions from each person’s list. Remember, at this point the fantasies will probably be very tame, requiring no special clothing or props.

Implement ideas
In your next bedroom session, slowly guide things toward acting out one of the fantasies you discussed. Or if you are more daring, simply take control of the situation. Go slowly and allow either partner to stop the fantasy play at any time. Let your partner know how much you are enjoying the role-playing, but remain sensitive to his feelings on the situation.

Talk about it
At a calm and relaxed time a few days later, bring up the trial role-playing session. Let him know what you thought, and ask for his feelings as well. If things went well, then do not be surprised to find that he is ready to go further with the role-playing. If he does not suggest it first, make the suggestion that the two of you try something a bit wilder. Again, find the comfort zone for both of you and do not try to rush things too far, too fast.

Repeat the process
Slowly adding new elements of role-playing into your bedroom activities and discussing them afterwards is a great way to bring your sex life to a whole new level. Eventually, the two of you will be in synch and ready to try something a bit wilder. At this point, you will be ready to experiment with fantasy lingerie.

Fantasy lingerie truly enhances a role-playing experience. Whether your fantasies include schoolgirl attire or nurse uniforms or the ever-popular French maid, simply stepping into the costume can make it easier to play the role. You may feel silly in the outfit at first, but allowing yourself to think, act and speak to match the outfit will help to banish those feelings. Of course, your partner’s reaction will also help you to feel more confident.

When purchasing fantasy lingerie, remember that the fit is supposed to be tight and exaggerated. Consider buying a size smaller than your normal size to truly enhance the costume’s appeal. Alternately, look for adjustable costume pieces that can be exactly fitted to your particular proportions. The costume will be over-the-top and theatrical, which is exactly what you want! Do not be shy about the fit, but revel in the feel of your own body in the costume.

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