Kegels Exercises for Men

Posted on August 4th, 2008 in by Sensual Affair Lingerie Online Store | Singapore

Most references to PC muscles and Kegel exercises are about women. Both men and women have pubococcygeal (PC) muscles, and both can strengthen those muscles. Women benefit more from strengthening their PCs than men do, but this is not to say men should not bother.

At the very least, stronger PCs will mean a stronger and more pleasurable climax. Stronger PCs can give some men better ejaculatory control. It’s even possible that stronger PCs can result in firmer erections, if your erections tend to be less than full.

First you need to identify the PC muscles. The PCs are the muscles you use to interrupt the flow of urine – they also will slightly life your erect penis if you are standing or sitting. Building up the PCs is a simple matter of exercising them as you would any other muscle. Do a combination of short squeezes, one second hold, one second rest, and longer ones – starting with 3 seconds and working up to 20 seconds. As with any muscle, over use will make them sore, so start easy and work up. Try to exercise twice a day, gradually adding the number of reps you do.

But there’s more – as with any muscle, you get better results if you work against resistance. God gave you a built in PC barbell, in the form of your erect penis. Remember how the PCs raise your erection? That action is working the muscles against gravity. So, do your Kegels standing or sitting while you have an erection. You can add resistance by adding weight in the form of a wash cloth over your penis. Note – when you can flip a full bath towel over your shoulder, you have gone to far! It will take a couple of weeks to begin to notice results, so don’t give up too soon.

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