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According to Gregory Godek, best-selling author of 1001 Ways to Be Romantic, one of the most frequent complaints he hears from the men in his ongoing Romance Class is that the women in their lives are reluctant to wear sexy lingerie. Not surprisingly, many of the men in his classes listed this as one of their greatest fantasies.

But first, let’s look at the most important reason to wear sexy lingerie.

Why Acting  The Part Works To Change Behaviour

There’s a trick that professional actors use to help them get into a part. And it’s actually quite simple. They put on the clothes of the character they’re playing and move around in them for several minutes. It’s amazing how wearing an old man’s threadbare slippers will encourage an actor to walk with a halting step. Or putting on a tailored suit and high heels will cause an actress to stand straighter and literally march into a room.

So it is with sexy lingerie. The act of wearing it will create subtle shifts in your personality from the outside in. But if a woman is reluctant to wear it for some reason, perhaps because of self-consciousness or embarrassment, there is a very simple way to ease into the habit.

Walk Around With A Secret

Buy a set of sexy underwear, perhaps a matching bra and panty, and wear them under your work clothes. No one else need know what you’re wearing, but you will. Pay attention to your attitude on the days you wear your new underwear. Do you feel more feminine? More confident? More attractive? Sexier?

Get a little braver. Go out and buy a garter belt and stockings and wear them under your trendy clothes when you go out for drinks with friends. How does this affect your confidence?

Remember that no one else need ever know what you’re wearing. Until there comes a time when you want to let someone in on the secret. And that’s totally your choice.

Sexy Underwear Hides A Woman’s Worst Figure Faults

Yes, there is a solution to a less-than-perfect body.

  • Are you embarrassed by flabby thighs?
    Buy the special fishnet stockings that Las Vegas showgirls wear. Ask for the brands that cling so firmly to your legs that an earthquake of 7.5 on the Richter scale won’t cause the slightest ripple.Wear them for the entire length of your next romantic encounter. A pair of scissors is all you need to make some practical changes and you won’t damage the stockings because of their sturdy weave.
  • Are you thick around the middle?
    Try clinging teddies in black and other dark colors. They create an effect of elongating and slimming the torso.
  • Do you have small breasts?
    Buy an uplift bra with foam inserts. Add matching panties, stockings and whatever else you need to complete the outfit and you’ll feel like a movie goddess.
  • Are your breasts large and heavy?
    Wrap them up in a bustier and look like a wench straight out of his wildest fantasies.
  • Do you have short legs?
    Wear fishnets and spiked heels to bed. Don’t take them off.

You can hide any flaw with some well-chosen lingerie that exposes what you like and covers what you don’t. It may take a bit of experimentation but you’ll surprise yourself with how good you look in the right gear.

And the great thing about it is that your partner will be so blown away he’ll see you differently as well. Even if you think you still have a few pounds or kilos to lose, he’ll be so distracted by the Playboy fantasy in front of him that your weight is the last thing he’ll be thinking about.

The only problem is that once you start wearing sexy lingerie to bed, you may never want to be naked again.

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